Each Brändli Bomb, each praliné, and each chocolate truffle is tenderly hand-made by our chocolatiers. The main ingredient is the finest Swiss couverture combined with other equally choice ingredients. Here is a selection of our chocolate classics

Brändli Bombs

The Brändli Bomb, our most famous creation, pampers your senses with a heart of dark ganache surrounded by a special marzipan and covered by the finest couverture with slivers of almonds. more

The recipe for the sublime marzipan remains our well-guarded secret. Since its creation in 1924, the Brändli Bomb has won the hearts of gourmets around the world including that of the Queen Mother. She offered her guests Brändli Bombs with the royal cup of tea.

The packaging must also be mentioned. It was designed by the Swiss Champion of Graphic Design Celestino Piatti.

See with your own eyes how we produce our Brändli Bombs in our factory workshop in Aarau.



Another classic is our delicate Grappa Cube. Confected with light and dark ganache, the powerful Swiss Grappa from Al Mulinetto is perfectly enriched by this bitter-sweet delicacy. mor


El Cigarro

Our popular Cigarros are modelled on real Cuban cigars and are intended for lusty afficionados. more

We turn them by hand with exquisite dark ganache made from 70% cocoa and then powdered to perfection with bittersweet cocoa powder. Absolutely delicious.

The decorative wooden boxes are made in the Atelier St. Hubert in Martigny, a sheltered workshop belonging to the

St. Hubert Foundation.



Our diverse assortment of pralinés includes classical truffles with kirsch or whisky, raspberry or lemon truffles made with natural pulp, and almond and nut pralinés perfected with honey, nougat or marzipan. more

A special temptation are our pralinés where the delicate taste of chocolate is refined with balsamico, cardamom, freshly ground pepper or vanilla.

Another speciality of our house are our ice truffles, with bittersweet couverture and hazelnut paste, the popular Petits Feux, or our town pictures with dark praliné filling.

Our pralinés can be assembled to your choice or carefully pre-packed in noble packaging in various sizes.

View here how our pralinés are made.


Champagne Truffles

The silky-textured centre of our legendary Champagne Truffles is obtained by refining the light ganache with the choicest Marc de Champagne giving it its noble aroma. more

A delicate finishing touch of finest sugar envelops the crispy casing.


Chocolate Almonds

The Chocolate Almonds also belong to our long-standing classics. The art lies in the gentle roasting and expert caramelising of the almonds. more

The sweet case is made from the choicest dark chocolate dusted with fine chocolate powder.


Cream Truffles

Mellow melting Cream Truffles of light and dark chocolate: one of our favourite delicacies. mehr

We make every single Cream Truffle by hand and highly value giving this simple creation a special elegance.



Truffles Selection

We pamper your senses with a selection of exquisite truffles flavoured with Grand Marnier, Kirsch, Baileys, Champagne and Cream. mehr

All truffles in this assortment are refined with carefully selected ingredients: natural orange fruit pulp, precious cocoa, fine chocolate sprinkles, light couverture, delicate icing sugar and cream, in light or dark chocolate.




Just looking at our freshly-made desserts will make your mouth water – not to mention tasting them!


Our confectioners skilfully create hand-made works of art. more

Our classics include Chocolate Cake, Raspberry Yogurt, Royal, Truffle or Black Forest and Napolitaine.

We are here to advise you. Please contact us or visit us in one of our shops.




What can be more pleasant than to relax for a moment in our traditional British-style Tea Room and enjoy a cup of coffee, served on a silver tray, together with a delicious sweet? more

From Carac to cream or truffle slices or even a strawberry tart, we offer everything your heart desires.Our pastries are of course also available in our shop in Aarau and can also be ordered and collected there.



Ice Cream

Refresh yourself with ice cream from our house-made varieties: more

Chocolate, stracciatella, vanilla, mocca, walnut, pistache, baileys, ginger & lime sorbet, raspberry sorbet, mandarine sorbet, wild berry yoghurt, caramel yoghurt, mango-cardamom yoghurt, amarena cherry yoghurt and baileys.

Our ice cream is available all year or seasonally, depending on the sort. These are our valued resellers:
Kino Aarau 
Schützenhaus Aarau
Les Amis Aarau
Alte Stadtgärtnerei Aarau
Lebensmittel Meyer Aarau
Stadtmuseum Aarau
Schwanbar Aarau
90 Grad Bar Aarau
Tuchlaube Aarau
Minigolf Telli Aarau
Schreiber Kirchgasse Olten

Kraftreaktor Klettereldorado Lenzburg



Apéro & Savouries

We are not only specialists for sweets but also for savouries. Many swear by our ham mousse sandwiches, ham rods or canapés. We provide aperitif pastries for private or business parties on request.


Corporate Costumers

Are you planning a business occasion and wish to treat your guests to sweet and savoury delicacies? Would you like to present your customers with an individually designed Brändli creation? Do you need nibbles for a meeting? How about holding your meeting in our Tea Room in Aarau or in Olten? Contact us to help you further.



For the greatest day in your life only the most perfectly prepared wedding cake is good enough – exactly as you want it. Let us know your dreams, how it should taste and what decoration will suit your cake.

We can also provide an aperitif, table decorations and mementos for your guests.



Our delicacies make ideal gifts. We are also happy to provide vouchers.